Thursday, 30 July 2015

Execute mysql procedure from command line

                      Execute mysql procedure from command line

To call mysql stored proceudres from command line,first login into mysql using this command

     mysql –u[username] –p[password] database_name then,

Suppose your procedure name is countNoOfRows(),use this command

      call countNoOfRows();

To call parameterized stored procedure,

     call countNoOfRows(1,’myRow’);

To execute stored procedure and prints its output in txt file,open command line and use this command, suppose your procedure name is “calculate_raw_data()”

 mysql -uroot -prootDB nos -e "call calculate_raw_data('2,3','23')" >/exports/satish/output.txt

It will print the output in ouput.txt file which gets created in location >/exports/satish/.

This can be used when you are trying to debug your mysql stored procedure. You can print output at each line and monitor afterwards what’s exactly happening in your stored procedure.

As in many Linux distributions mysql gui application doesn’t work, above command can be useful for debugging purpose.

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