Saturday, 29 August 2015

10 useful windows run command every developer must know

To speed up the work in windows, run command are very useful.There are some useful run commands that every developer must know .

First to open run dialog box you can either go to Start- > run or press shortcut key win + R.
Type the following command in the dialog box and press ok button.

1) %temp% :- This command is very useful to delete temporary files which gets created when you work on you PC.This are unnecessary files so in order to speed up your PC or clear your PC memory,you should delete all the temporary files.Keep in habbit that every week you run this command and free your PC memory space.

2) write :-It opens a Microsoft wordpad where you can write your notes and etc.

3) psr:-Its stands for Problem Steps Recorder.You can use this to automatically capture the steps you take on a computer including a text description of where you clicked and a picture of the screen during each click.Once you are done saving the steps,you can help others to troubleshoot their PC problems.

4) cmd:- Its a very important command for developers.this command use to open command prompt.

5) notepad:-this command is used to open notepad.

6) taskmgr:- Its opens a task manager where you can monitor your running process.There is shortcut key for this command also.

7) services.msc:-It provides you with all the running service on your machine. you can enable or disable unnecessary service which will speed your system.Note you should not disable any service for which you don't have knowledge because it may interrupt your PC normal behavior.

8) calc:-It will open a calculator .

9) control:-This command will open control panel on your desktop.

10) mstsc:-Its is used to open Remote Desktop Connection dialog box.With the help of this command ,you can connect to another computer running windows that's connected to the same network or to the internet.For ex: you can access you work computer from you home computer and will be able to perform various tasks.

NOTE:-Try to bring in practice to use this commands while you are working.It will speed up your work activities.

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