Saturday, 29 August 2015

Top 10 Important shortcut keys for Windows

Shortcut keys mainly improve our work efficiency by speeding up the work.

Very basic and important shortcut key that everyone must know are:-

1) ALT + Tab :- It allows you to shuffle around your open application windows.It is very useful key to easily switch to other application windows.

2) CTRL + SHIFT +Del :-It opens the window option screen for Task Manager,locking computer,witiching user etc in latest version of windows.In Windows XP,It is meant for opening task manager.
CTRL + SHIFT + Esc is used to open Windows Task manager in Wndows XP and later.

3) SHIFT + Del :-It will delete the selected files permanently without moving them to recycle bin.

4) F2 :- Instead of right clicking on file and selecting rename option,F2 function key allows you to rename file instantly.

5) WIN + D :-It will display the desktop irrespective of how many opened application .
Similarly WIN + M will minimize all the current opened application and will display desktop. 

6) WIN + L :- Lock the computer and switch users (Windows XP and above only). 

7) WIN + R :-Opens the run command dialog box.

8) CTRL + C :- It will copy the highlighted text or selected file.If you want to cut highlighted text or selected file,press CTRL + X.

9) CTRL + V or SHIFT + Insert :- Both the shortcut keys will paste the highlighted text or selected file.

10) CTRL + Z or CTRL + Y :- CTRL + Z will undo the recent changes which you have done and CTRL + Y will redo the recent undo changes.
Enjoy Learning.

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