Sunday, 1 November 2015

How to create a TresSet

The TreeSet class provides four constructors broken into two sets.The first two constructors creates empty trees sets:

    public TreeSet()  
    public TreeSet(Comparator comp)  

In order to maintain an ordering, elements added to a tree set must provide some way for the tree to order them. If the elements implement the Comparable interface, the first constructor is sufficient. If, however, the objects aren’t comparable or you don’t like the default ordering provided, you can pass along a custom Comparator to the constructor that will be used to keep elements ordered. Once the TreeSet is created, you cannot change the comparator.

Note:  As HashSet relying on a internal structure of HashMap, the TreeSet relies on a TreeMap internally.

The other two constructors are copy constructors, copying all elements from one collection into another:

    public TreeSet (Collection c)  
    public TreeSet (SortedSet set)  

If the other collection is a SortedSet, the TreeSet is able to perform some optimizations while adding elements. It also retains the original set’s comparator.

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