Saturday, 4 June 2016

Difference between ArrayList and Array


ArrayList is a variable length Collection class which means its size gets increased to half of its capacity once its initial size is full.

Array is fixed length data structure which means one cannot change its length after creating the array object.

ArrayList can only contains objects.It cannot contain primitive types i.e (int,float,long)

Arrays can contain both objects as well as primitive types.

Apart from for and for each loop,Iterator can also be used to iterate ArrayList.

For and for each loop can be used to iterate over Arrays.

ArrayList is single dimensional.
For ex:-
ArrayList<String> a=new ArrayList<String>();

Arrays can have multi dimensions also.
For ex:- Integer [][] a=new Integer[3][3];

In ArrayList ,elements are added using add(e) method.
For ex:- ArrayList<String> a=new ArrayList<String>();

In Arrays,elements are added using assignment operator.
For ex:-
Integer a[]=new Integer[3];
a[0]=new Integer(1);

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