Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Important SDET(Software Development Engineer Testing) Interview Question

                  Important SDET(Software Development Engineer Testing) Interview Question

  1. Explain life cycle of a bug
  2. What is regression testing? How is it different from functional testing?
  3. Difference between whitebox and black box testing
  4. What is A/B testing?
  5. What is smoke testing? Difference with Sanity testing?
  6. How can we perform credit card authorization testing?
  7. How do we test a multi channel application? Especially when the integration points are not in place with downstream systems?
  8. What is end to end testing?
  9. How can we test a webservice?
  10. How can we form a request in Jmeter, hit a service and read the response?
  11. Difference between unit, integration and QA testing
  12. What is included in a test plan?
  13. what is boundary analysis with an example
  14. What is negative testing? Create 5 negative  test cases for email validation
  15. What is backend testing?
  16. How do you perform XML validation?
  17. What are the basic elements you put down while reporting a bug?
  18. Create 5 test cases for placing an order in an ecommerce website using PayPal as payment type
  19. Write 5 P1 test cases for shopping cart on an ecom website.
  20. Write 5 P1 testcases for a user profile page on an ecom website.
  21. Write 5 P1 test cases for a Ship confirmation email sent from an ecom website to a customer
  1. What are the different types of apps ?
  2. What is the difference between Native and Hybrid app
  3. How can app be installed on IOS devices?
  4. What are the app formats for IOS and Android
  5. What is the difference between Desktop and mobile testing
  6. How to install local IOS and Android builds to device
  7. Mention what are the common bugs found while mobile testing
  8. What is the approach to test different screen size
  9. What is the approach to test different device/OS version
DB (Exact queries are not needed in answers. A high level approach will do)
  1. In an EMPLOYEE table having EMPLOYEE ID and DEPT ID, find department with max employees
  2. CASE..WHEN..THEN statement in SQL
  3. Write a query to find salary of an employee using join between EMPLOYEE and SALARY tables
  4. Difference between innerjoin and outerjoin
  5. PL/SQL – high level
  6. Explain trigger and its difference between a PL/SQL
  7. Nosql vs RDBMS, with an example
  8. Is it possible to have primary key and foreign key in mongo db
  9. How to find data in a mongodb collection
  10. Find state with max stores in a STORES table (with the columns - store id, storename, city, state, zip)
  11. How to ensure that child records are deleted when parent with foreign key constraint is deleted
  12. Difference between truncating and deleting a table
  13. Query to find number of records in a table
  14. Possible to have more than one column as primary key?
  15. Difference between WHERE and HAVING clauses
  16. What is difference between count(1) and count(*).
  17. Find number of non-null records in a column
  18. Find number of null records in a column

UNIX (exact syntaxes are not required. Keywords would be enough)
  1. Unix commands for :
    1. changing directories
    2. listing files
    3. finding keywords in a file
    4. changing file permissions
    5. tailing
    6. Create a shell script to display a menu to a user
    7. Get current directory
    8. Find keyword in a file
    9. List files starting with the word Sears in a directory
    10. Find wordcount in a file
    11. Schedule a shell script to run every 30 seconds
    12. How to connect to a unix server from another unix server
    13. Difference between ftp and scp
    14. How to find a string from a set of files?
    15. How to find files which are modified 15 mins before?
    16. How to list all running processes in a server and stop it?
    17. Finding file names which start with the letter A in a directory
  1. How to convert json to a hashmap
  2. Explain how to implement multi-threading
  3. Explain race condition and how to avoid it
  4. Diff between string, string buffer and string builder
  5. Difference between hashmap, hashtable, concurrent hashmap and treemap
  6. Possible to have duplicate key in a hashmap? Explain
  7. Execute a query and get the results of the query into a hashmap with column names as the keys and column values as the values
  8. Explain class casting
  9. Explain polymorphism and encapsulaiton
  10. Sort an arraylist
  11. Sort a map with integer as keys and string as values based on length of its values
  12. Difference between abstract class and interface
  13. Difference between final, finalize and finally
  14. What happens when a line of code in finally block has an exception?
  15. What is an iterator? Where can it be used?
  16. What is a Set? How is it different from arraylist?
  17. Mail contents of a file using java
  18. How is hashmap different from an array list?
  19. Difference between hashmap and treemap?
  20. How would you read a file and write to a new file?
  21. Explain try-catch logic?
  22. What is Finally block? You are executing a try block, with no exceptions. Will it go to finally?
  23. Why do we need getters and setters?
  24. How to iterate through a hashmap
  25. How to find common elements between 2 array lists

  1. How to handle popups in selenium?
  2. What is Page Object Model (POM) & Page Factory in Selenium?
  3. What are the differenttypes of wait and when to use what?
  4. What are the operating systems and browsers supported by Selenium?
  5. What is the default port for Selenium and can it be customized?
  6. What is the use of Capabilities class?
  7. What is the difference between Remote Webdriver and Webdriver?
  8. How to use JavaScript with Selenium WebDriver using Java?
  9. What is the diffrence between assert and verify?
  10. What are the different types of locators in Selenium and which one is preferred?
  1. Open file containing alphanumeric phone numbers, convert them to numbers ((eg: 1-800-GO-PIZZA to 18004674992)and write them to a different text file
  2. Find difference between two text files which have data similar in structure
  3. You have Order Items table and orders table. Orderitems table could have many records for an order. How to find the orders that have exactly 2 items in them? OrderId is the foreign key in orderitems table.
  4. Find duplicate numbers in a Textfile with 20000 six digit numbers. On finding duplicates, write them in another textfile with number of occurances.
  5. Find missing number from an array that is supposed to contain 1-100 numbers
  1. Difference between RESTful service and SOAP service
  2. Schedule an executable jar to run every 30 seconds in a Windows server
  3. Using regular expession, find $ amount in a string which appears after the $ character
  4. What is continuous integration?
  5. Convert xml to json?


  1. Hi, will interviewer will ask to write java code also. How is this different than software developer role.

  2. A tester must have basic java knowledge, to look into developers code and find out edge testing scenarios.
    In most of the product based companies, they want manual tester to have basic java and sql knowledge.

    and its good if you have basics of java,it will help you in understanding Selenium and jmeter scripts.
    Let us know if you need any help