Sunday, 17 June 2018

Software Testing Interview questions asked in ClearTrip

1.       What is the difference between http and https? Give some examples.
2.       What do you understand by Web Services?
3.       What is REST API?
4.       What are the http errors which we get while testing an API? Name few.
5.       What is the difference between cache and cookies? Explain giving a real world example.
6.       What are different types of cookies?
7.       Given a Scenario: - On opening a webpage if no content is displayed (blank page is displayed) then how will you debug it?
8.       Given a Scenario: - There is a movie review portal webpage. Viewers can view the reviews of a movie, like it and can add his/her comments.
Every comment is not directly posted on the webpage. The comment first goes to the page Admin, he has to review the comment and then either Accept/Reject. Only accepted comments get posted on the webpage.
Tell the test scenarios which you will write to test this webpage.
9.       Write an SQL query to find out employee name having maximum salary from table emp_details (having  emp_name, emp_id & dept) and emp_salary (having emp_id and emp_sal).
10.   How do you deploy builds in your current organization?
11.   What could be the root cause when customers are not receiving OTP or if they are receiving OTP’s they are delayed?
12.   How will you simulate customer’s environment in your test environment if you want to replicate a bug (which is not replicable in test servers)?
13.   Given a Scenario :- Product manager of BookMyShow App comes up with a new requirement of adding a new feature of sending details of booked movie tickets over customers e-mail (along with text messages).

Is the above mentioned requirement complete? If No, what are the missing details you would want as a QA?
14.   How will you test a network issue caused in your test environment?
15.   What do you understand by regression testing, sanity testing and retesting? Explain with help of examples.
16.   How will you do performance testing using JMeter?
17.   What problems could be faced during performance testing for 100 users via JMeter?
18.   What is the difference between PUT and POST?
19.   Write a java program accepting following input and giving following outputs :-
Input: - My name is Alexander
Output 1: - rednaxelA si eman ym
Output 2: - Alexander is My name
20.   Write a java program to check if all the open braces are closed in a given line of code (in java).
21.   What is the command to find the free memory space in Selenium?
22.   What is the Linux command to work on the same window where a particular script is being executed?
23.   What could be the logic behind Amazon showing different sections saying :-
1.       “People who bought this product also bought the following :-“

2.       “People who viewed this product bought the following :-“

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